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Enjoy your life pain free.

A topical recovery balm clinically designed to provide you with immediate relief, in the exact spot where you feel pain.

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We routinely meet people who have had to give up on their favorite activities.

Grandparents spending precious moments with their grandkids.

Athletes training and competing for their personal best.

Adventurers exploring new and exciting places.

A better solution

Unresolved pain and injury can cost thousands of dollars when investing in treatments that don’t work.

Or worse, debilitating issues can arise when trying prescription drugs that lead to addiction, or surgeries that don’t heal properly. 

Here’s the bottom line, we know chronic pain impacts your life.  What if you had an affordable, simple alternative?

Get immediate, targeted relief, within 15 minutes, exactly where you’re feeling that pain.

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Ensure you never deal with...

  • Nagging pain that keeps you from getting a good night's sleep.
  • Sitting on the sidelines, while the rest of your team carries on.
  • Regretting that you can't crawl on the floor to play with your grandkids.
  • Letting pain force you to bail out of your favorite workouts.
  • Putting your hobbies on a back shelf so you don't hurt tomorrow.
  • Unnecessarily long recovery times after a minor surgery.

Created just for you.

I know what it feels like to have pain take over your life.  It keeps you away from the activities you love most. 

Not only have I been there myself, but I've also heard it from my patients over and over again.

I realized my patients were missing a critical tool to relieve their aches and pains.

It's time you overcome the pain and finally find relief.

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What our satisfied customers have to say...

“I have had lower back pain most of my adult life.  I have tried everything to get rid of the pain, and nothing has done the trick.  Using this balm for just one week, twice a day, helped reduce my pain tremendously.”

Kim H.

“I experience throbbing muscle tension and do not like to take typical “pain reliever” pills.  I’ve found that using Recovery & Relief Balm significantly reduces the pain so I can sleep, concentrate better, or do my stretches to work out the pain.”

Kelly M.

“I found comfort and less pain while using the balm before and after yoga for arthritis in my hands.  It also gave me relief while nursing a torn labrum after all my PT sessions.”

Shanta K.

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Take advantage of free shipping and begin using this balm in just a few days.

Apply Directly to Pain

Use the balm topically, by rubbing it directly on your aches and pains.

Enjoy Life with Less Pain

Start to feel relief, and get back to your favorite activities, in as little as 15 minutes.

We want you to live the life you want ache and pain free.

Here at PuraWell we get it.  There are certain activities you just don’t want to give up.   Your ability to enjoy life’s moments is sometimes hampered by pain.  

In order to keep doing all the activities you love, you need to be pain and injury free.  

We realize pain and injury can drain your hope.  It’s alot.  And on top of it, you’re not just dealing with pain.  Most of our clients are dealing with negative side effects of pain relievers that didn’t work, even after they’ve stopped taking them.  

We want you to live the life you want without aches and pains.  That’s why we created the Recovery & Relief Balm, after working for over 10 years with patients in your same situation.  

Here’s how it works, order your Recovery & Relief Balm, start applying it directly to your aches and pains several times a day, and depending on the severity of your pain, you can get back to your normal activities in as little as 15 minutes.  

Stop letting pain dictate what you can do.  Start getting back to the activities you love. 


  • Easy to carry size
  • Great for your purse or gym bag
  • Works well on small areas like knuckles
  • Terrific starter option
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  • Best option for larger areas 
  • Convenient to carry anywhere
  • Easy to use on any pain or injury
  • Lasts up to three months
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  • Save by bundling
  • Two sizes to cover any area
  • Easy to use on any pain or injury
  • Last ups to three months
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