Feeling a little crabby

career freedom risk Apr 17, 2020

Did you know a hermit crab changes its shell as it grows?

A small crab will find a shell that is slightly bigger than it needs, make a home in that shell and grow.  As the crab grows, the shell will eventually become uncomfortable, it will be too small and too restrictive.  The crab will need to make a decision to stay in the uncomfortable shell, or leave that shell, to find a larger shell, to make its home.  

To leave the uncomfortable shell is a risk.  Even though the crab knows the current shell no longer fits, and the crab can't grow until it leaves it.  Leaving the old shell would mean being vulnerable to threats outside the shell.  For a period of time, the crab will be unprotected and insecure.

Eventually the time comes that the decision is inevitable.  Finally the crab decides to take the risk and make its way to the new shell. 

The new shell is likely a little too big, when the crab first makes its home there, it doesn't quite fit.  As he continues to grow, the new shell becomes comfortable and begins to feel like home.  The risk was worth it, leaving the ill-fitting shell was a good decision and the growth that comes in the new shell supersedes the risks the crab had to overcome to find its new home.

Exactly 30 days ago I left a shell that didn't fit anymore.  It was restrictive and uncomfortable.  I had known it for awhile, but I was afraid of the risks outside that shell.  Over the course of the past 30 days, I have been vulnerable.  I have been afraid, and I have felt insecure.  

I have now found my new shell.  It's a little big, it doesn't quite fit yet.  I need to grow to fill up all the space.  But, this new shell definitely feels like home.  I feel space to expand my knowledge and influence.  I feel freedom to move around and try new things.  I feel like it was a good move, in the right direction.  In this new shell, I am finding success and finding challenges.  

Thank you for your interest in my journey.  I appreciate the love and support you have each showed me during this transition.  This 30 days has seemed like a blink of an eye and a lifetime, all at the same time.  

How does your shell fit?  Leave me a comment below.