Immuno Fuel

immunity immuno fuel Nov 05, 2018

Are you dreading the illnesses that come with changing weather? Immuno Fuel can help build immunity for the season, to fight sickness, or can be used to stop sickness in its tracks when symptoms first appear.

Immuno Fuel is one of the best products to boost and regulate your immune system.  It provides overall protection to fight off all those everyday bugs and colds.  Immuno Fuel has a number of anti-microbial and anti-viral components including elderberry extract, andrographis, astragulus, corticepts and other mushrooms which help regulate immunity. 

Last week our nine year old son started getting a stuffy nose along with aches and pains, we gave him Immuno Fuel twice a day for the next 3-4 days. His cold never escalated and now he is back to his old self!

This is a product is great to have on hand at all times!