Your Origin Story - What's Your Story?

intentional identity origin story Jun 22, 2023

An Intentional Identity is the clear, unapologetic view of yourself, and understanding of who you are.  It's living authentically, understanding where you've come from, where you are today and where you want to be in the future.

Intentional Identity begins at the beginning, with your origin story. The history and events that brought you to your current place and time, with the values and beliefs you hold today.

While some of us believe our history was uneventful or unremarkable, there are many of us who clearly see the influences of their past on their current situation and decisions.  The truth is, no matter what you believe, your origins have shaped your current situation, whether you have realized it or not.  This exercise helps you review your history to make sense of not only your current situation, but also your future.

First, consider what things immediately come to mind when you slow down and reflect on the past?  Spend some time doing a brain dump of all the memories and moments that come to mind.

Second, in your quiet alone time, meditate on each scenario from your previous list.  Think about why it came to mind, how it makes you feel, and what lesson you learned in that situation.

Finally, moving out of your past mindset, think about what defining characteristics unite these scenarios together.  Begin to categorize the stories and memories into buckets that put together the story of you.

Write a narrative that tells your story.  What have you learned about yourself, how has your past impacted your present situation, and how will you use this information to set your vision for the future?

Now that we have revisited and documented your origin story, next time let's take a look at how what you've uncovered has helped to determine your motivations for your life.