pH Quench

muscle cramps muscle soreness ph quench Oct 22, 2018

This is one of the best-selling products in our clinic. We have seen lives transformed by the product. People struggling with soreness and pain, who have not been able to find relief with chiropractic or other treatments have found success with pH Quench.

One recent patient had been completing urinalysis for quite some time, scoring around 5.0 for pH. We tried several treatments including dietary changes and other supplements, but could not increase her pH level. After trying pH Quench for one week, the urinalysis indicated a pH of 6.5, marked improvement in just one week! She indicated that her aches and pains had been alleviated and she had lost a few pounds in just that first week.

If you are suffering with joint aches and pains, or stomach acid, we can conduct a urinalysis and determine if increasing your pH would be a good option for you.