Understanding how your pH affects weight loss.

ph weight loss Feb 09, 2021

Are you wondering why we monitor your urinalysis in our office when you're trying to lose weight? One of the factors we are analyzing is your pH.

In this video, Dr. Thoma illustrates why monitoring the pH is important, and conflicting information you may have heard about pH in the blood vs. pH in the urine.

He also discussed the importance of vegetables in balancing your pH, and how individuals who are doing all of the right, healthy things, might still struggle to lose weight because of their urine pH.

Dr. Thoma is a functional medicine physician in Chesterfield Missouri.  His specialty is helping individuals identify the root cause of their health concerns. 

Together with his wife, Jennifer, they own PuraWell.  PuraWell is a health and wellness company focused on  guiding you to take control of your healthcare so that you can live longer, healthier.

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