Your Vision Is Your Reality

coaching vision Dec 11, 2023

If you’ve followed my encouragement from last week, hopefully you’ve been able to spend some time dreaming this week.  Not only to let your self see more of the possibilities, but also to begin to explore what’s important and interesting to you as options for your future.  Likely, there are one or two ideas that have begun to percolate.  Which leads us to the next step in the process to create an amazing year…establishing your vision.

You might be asking, if I have an idea of what I want, isn’t that the same as a vision?  And the answer is maybe.  Maybe it is the end result, but what I want to share with you now is the importance of using the vision you have created to accomplish your goals and dreams, specifically using your subconscious mind to help.

Before I get ahead of myself, let’s talk a little bit about the subconscious and how it works.

Your subconscious brain works like the computer of your body and mind.  It takes all of the inputs you have ever encountered in your life and stores them, assigning them a good or bad indicator depending on how it impacted you at the time.

Your conscious brain is the part of your mind that can plan ahead, make big plans, and dream about new outcomes.  

As you make a new goal with your conscious brain, your subconscious brain will search through its memory bank and determine how something similar affected you in the past, and based on that decide if it’s going to help you accomplish your new goal now.  If your subconscious deems that this goal will lead to a negative outcome, based on your past experiences, or on your lack of experiences, it will find ways to deter you from reaching your goals.  This is where we see procrastination, lack of will power and other detrimental activities.

So, how do we reach our goals when our subconscious might be working against us?  The number one way to do this is to convince you subconscious that the desired outcome will be positive.  This is done through the vision process.

When you imagine a desired outcome, as if it is already completed, your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between this imagined vision and reality.  It basically assumes it is real.  So, when you spend time envisioning a future state where you have already reached your goal, how you will feel at that time, and the positive outcomes that will results, your subconscious sees this as evidence of something to move towards, and it begins to help you achieve your goals.

A few things to think about through this visioning process.  

  1. This is not a one and done event.  The more you spend time in the future state of your achieved goal, the more convinced your subconscious will be that it is reality and begin to support you.  I spend time every day meditating on my future state vision.
  2. Your emotions are one of the primary fuel sources your subconscious uses.  If you are feeling scared, frustrated, or nervous while you are envisioning your future, your subconscious will deem this future as negative and thwart your progress.  Instead, make sure that you are actually feeling the emotions you want to feel.  For me, I like to focus on emotions like freedom, joy, contentedness…those good feelings that will tell your brain that heading to this new place will be better than where you are today.
  3. There may be components of your vision that aren’t yet perfectly clear.  Don’t let this hold  you back.  Begin to vision according to the components that are clear and over time in the visioning process you will explore options and make determinations that make the vision more clear.

There really is so much more to visioning than I can share in one blog post, but suffice it to say that setting your sights on where you’re headed and being intentional about painting a picture for your subconscious brain to use as a guide, is a very powerful tool.

If you’re interested in learning more about establishing a vision for you future that encourages you subconscious brain to get on board, I would love to help.

Join me for my free December coaching series, Where Do I Go From Here.  This weeks session will focus specifically on the vision casting process.  I will also share some methods and tools for supporting your vision and give you different options for making this process a part of your day to day experience. 

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