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Feel better, heal faster.

A functional health physician and chiropractor that helps you identify the root cause of your health issues, and provides you with solutions to feel better and heal faster.

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We routinely meet people who have seen several doctors and still don't feel better.

Families balancing individual health needs.

Seniors living longer, healthier.

Athletes maximizing optimal performance.

A better solution

Your health is the result of multiple choices you make every day.

In today's environment, making the right choices can be confusing and overwhelming.

When you focus on resolving symptoms, instead of the root cause that created those symptoms, those choices can be even more difficult.

Here’s the bottom line, your health concerns are holding you back, and we know that no matter how hard you try, resolving symptoms, instead of the root cause, won't help.

What if you had someone to help you navigate through the choices to help you heal the root cause?

Get clear direction on how to feel better and heal faster, by focusing on the eliminating the root cause of your health concerns.

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Ensure you never deal with...

  • Repeating the same treatments without results.
  • Overmedicating to resolve your symptoms, without healing the root cause.
  • Paying for another expensive surgery or procedure that you don't need.
  • Feeling like a failure because you missed your health goal again.
  • Suffering because you don't know what to do next.
  • Missing out on life's important moments because you don't feel good.

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A trusted partner, in your corner

I know what it feels like to not understand why you don't feel good.  It keeps you stuck in a cycle of fear and worry.

Not only have I been there myself, but I've also heard it from my patients over and over again.

I realized my patients were missing the holistic view of their health.  They were focusing on managing their symptoms, instead of healing the root cause of those symptoms.

It's time you uncovered the root cause of your symptoms, so that you can feel better, and become the person you want to be.

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What our satisfied patients have to say...

“I am so gratefull and blessed to have found Dr. Thoma!

About five months ago, I was very sick and frustrated.  

I have seen positive results in such a short time just by following Dr. Thoma's advice to change my diet to eliminate unhealthy foods, add supplements to my daily routine and regular chiropractic adjustments.  

He genuinely cares about helping people.  I would recommend Total Health Correction Wellness over and over!”

Debra P.

“I feel great and am sleeping much better.  

At Dr. Thoma's advice, I've eliminated foods from my diet that were causing inflammation and no longer have as much restless discomfort in my joints.  

I added a magnesium supplement as well, which made an impact immediately in my quality of sleep within the first few days - it was incredible.”

Katie P.

Prior to Dr. Thoma, I saw 5 doctors because of severe pain in my left foot. None of them spent more than a few minutes looking over my file, or examining me.

Dr. Thoma looked over all of my previous reports and spent an hour with me evaluating my foot.   He was able to successfully diagnose a partially torn tendon.

I've been seeing Dr. Thoma for about a month, and my foot is almost completely better. He truly cares about his patients and providing the highest level of care possible. I wish I would have come to him 2 years ago.”

Tim T.

Schedule your Appointment

Make time to review your concerns in the clinic with Dr. Thoma.

Gather your Information

Get all of the documentation that will help Dr. Thoma understand your concerns.

Start your Healing 

Implement the changes recommended by Dr. Thoma and begin your healing journey.

We want you to feel better and heal faster.

Here at PuraWell and Total Health Correction, we get it.  You want to feel better and enjoy life’s moments.   

In order to keep living the way you want to live, you need to improve your overall health, not just your symptoms. 

We realize recurring health issues can drain your hope.  It’s alot.  And on top of it, you’re not just dealing with your symptoms.  Most of our clients are dealing with negative side effects of other treatments, procedures, and medications.

We want you to live the life you want in optimal health.  That’s why Dr. Thoma has committed his career to helping you feel better and heal faster.  

Here’s how it works, schedule your appointment, gather all the relevant information about your condition, and create a plan to resolve the root cause of your health concerns.

Stop letting your symptoms take control.  Start getting back to who you were meant to be. 

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Frequently Asked Questions...

“My life has deeply improved since beginning my journey with Dr. Chris Thoma.

He is an incredible chiropractor and nutritional advisor, but his healing gifts and guidance have reached into so many areas of my life.

Dr. Chris Thoma is a truly remarkable healer who I recommend to all."


“Dr. Thoma, Cindy and the staff deserve a '10 STAR' rating!  

They genuinely care about their patients and go 'above and beyond' the call of duty to provide the best care possible.  

Dr. Thoma spent about 12 hours doing research to solve my son's health issue and has been instrumental in providing the proper treatment for him.

 THANK YOU, Dr. Thoma!"


“Dr. Thoma is by far the best chiropractor in the area.

The amount of experience and expertise that he brings to each appointment always puts my mind to ease.

He continuously exceeds expectations and addresses every concern that I present.

Thank you Dr. Thoma!"


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