How to Use Trance for Good

behavior modification hypnosis trance May 06, 2021

So you've realized that you've been under hypnosis, or a trance state before without even knowing it.

The question now that good or bad? The answer depends on how you use that state.

In this video, Jennifer shares how the trance state can be used for good and for bad. She digs even deeper into an example for how to use the trance state, with self hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to overcome stage fright.

Dr. Thoma is a functional medicine physician in Chesterfield Missouri. His specialty is helping individuals identify the root cause of their health concerns. Together with his wife, Jennifer, they own PuraWell.

PuraWell is a health and wellness company focused on guiding you to take control of your healthcare so that you can live longer, healthier.

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