Breaking Unconscious Habits

behavior modification habits subconscious unconscious Jul 14, 2020

There are so many things we do every day that are completely automatic, thanks to our subconscious minds.  This can be a good thing and make us more efficient, it can also be our downfall.  

If we aren't able to recognize and challenge the subconscious behaviors, we won't be able to put a stop to those that are hurting us, or no longer serving us.

Here's a quick video to provide you with a simple exercise to challenge your subconscious.  This exercise will teach you to be mindful, instead of acting automatically, and it will teach you that it is possible to reprogram subconscious behaviors.  It may also show you that you must be committed and persistent if you want to see lasting change.

Have fun with this challenge and let me know how it goes, you can post about it and tag Purawell on social media, or send me an email.

Good luck!