Digital Detox

detox manage stress Oct 30, 2021

Technology and digital media have become an essential part of our lives, even more sure during isolation. From our entertainment and leisure to work and profession, everything seems to be digitized nowadays. However, this unnatural and extensive screen usage comes with a price and often we are ignorant of the consequences. 

Although technology has made our lives easier, its excess has created lots of issues for us, mainly mental health problems. Isolation, loneliness, sleep problems, competency issues etc are more common than ever. Therefore, it’s essential to take a break from time to time and give ourselves the digital detox we deserve. 

Let’s take a look at some effective ways for a digital detox. 

Set limits 

Telling someone to completely put away their devices and live a simple life is unrealistic considering how important technology is nowadays. The best way is to not completely give up, rather set positive limits. 

Such as put your phone on airplane mode when you’re playing music so you can avoid distractions. Don’t take out your phone when you’re eating, in a social gathering or working on a project or a hobby. 

Set “No-Screen” hours during your day 

Try to incorporate no screen hours during your day where you do something completely non-digital such as exercising or hanging out with friends. Set a time limit before bed when you stop using your phone and completely immerse yourself in something else such as reading books. 

Turn off Push Notifications 

Turn off notifications for your social apps such as Facebook, Instagram or Reddit etc. Such apps are designed to hook you up to them. You end up browsing and wasting more time even when you’re not bored because of these notifications.

Without these notifications, you won’t be prompted to check your accounts often and this will save you from being distracted and wasting time browsing endlessly. 

Doing a digital detox in your life can bring a lot of positive changes and help you fight many of your mental health problems. Implementing these strategies above will help you change your routines and llive a more productive and healthy life.