Have You Ever Tried a Cold Plunge?

cold plunge inflammation longevity Feb 20, 2024

A daily cold plunge has several benefits that will help you stay younger, longer. From reducing inflammation, to helping your cells work more effectively, and resetting your stress responses.

In this video, Dr. Thoma discusses, and demonstrates, a cold plunge and the value it could add to your health regimen.

(Apologies for the poor lighting, it was the best we could do and Dr. Thoma wasn’t interested in doing a retake 😀).

Dr. Thoma is a functional medicine physician in St. Louis County Missouri. His specialty is helping individuals identify the root cause of their health concerns.

Together with his wife, Jennifer, they own PuraWell. PuraWell is a health and wellness company focused on guiding you to take control of your healthcare so that you can live longer, healthier.

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