How are you planning to feel this Holiday Season?

holiday stress Nov 03, 2023

If you’re already looking ahead to the next couple of months thinking about how busy, overwhelming, expensive and exhausting the holiday season is, you are NOT the only one.

We’ve barely entered November and I already see everyone’s big plans for the holidays right next to all the meme’s and jokes about holiday burnout and overwhelm.  

Don’t get me wrong, Christmas is my all time favorite, and while I love to do all the things, I also have learned that there needs to be balance.  

In fact, when I look back at holidays past, one of the things that seems to be a recurring theme is rushing from place to place, anxiety about being late, and a feeling of failing because our Christmas didn't look like a Pinterest Christmas.

Last year, I approached the holidays a bit differently.  Instead of looking at what everyone else was doing and trying to keep up, I looked at the priorities I had for me and my family.  I focused on what would be the best for the four of us.

Ultimately, when I look at what I want the holiday season to be for me and my family, I like to think about how I want us to feel…not what I want us to do.

I want to feel peace & joy…

I want to feel loved & connected…

I want the days to feel special…

I want to smile and laugh…

I want to have fun and adventure…

I want to remember happiness and love…

With this vision, I can evaluate each holiday opportunity and invitation individually.  

I can consider whether the event will bring us joy, or lead to me yelling at everyone to hurry and get ready.

I can consider whether we will smile more at a parade in 7 degree weather, or cozied up in front of the fire with a great holiday movie.

I can decide if being stressed about spending too much money makes us feel more connected than spending time enjoying time together.

My recommendation as we prepare for this holiday season…take a look back at last year.  

Do your memories feel the way you want to feel during the holidays?  

What feeling would make the season even better, or what feeling was missing last year?  

If you focus on creating a holiday that feels perfect to you, what would you need to add or subject from your current plans?

If you’re interested in my delving into this topic a little more over the coming weeks, reply to this message with a quick note about your biggest challenge this holiday season.