Introducing PuraWell Recovery & Relief Balm

arthritis back pain joint pain muscle cramps muscle soreness tendonitis Nov 09, 2021

If you are suffering from muscle or joint aches and pains, tendonitis, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, or any other tissue pain, we have just the right product for you!

We are so excited that our first shipping of PuraWell Recovery & Relief Balm will be arriving in the next week or so. We can't wait to get it in your hands so that you can get rid of your aches and pains, and get back to the activities you enjoy.

In this video, Jennifer shares more about the new release of PuraWell Recovery & Relief Balm, and how you can join the wait list at

Jennifer is a certified life coach and NLP practitioner in Chesterfield Missouri. Her specialty is helping professional women optimize their physical and mental health.

Together with her husband, Dr. Thoma, a functional medicine physician, they own PuraWell. PuraWell is a health and wellness company focused on guiding you to take control of your healthcare so that you can live longer, healthier.