My Favorite Benefit of Traveling

creativity new perspective travel wonder Jan 06, 2021

One of the things I love about traveling is seeing how different cultures have done things throughout the years and how they do things differently than we do today.

It's a terrific source of creativity for both me, my husband and our whole family. We love to talk about how they got those rocks up there, back 1000's of years ago, when they didn't have the equipment we do today, or look how they're fixing the huts that were destroyed by the hurricane, or even at the airport, asking "Isn't there a better way to get the luggage from one place to another?"

Traveling really brings out a new perspective, and new creativity for all of us, and that is my favorite reason to travel.

If you're looking for creativity, just go somewhere that you haven't been for a while and take a look at it with fresh eyes.