Ready to Make a Bigger Impact

impact reduce stress stress resilience vision Jun 23, 2021

30 days ago I was coached by an amazing woman who has been my mentor from afar.  That coaching session aired last week on her podcast, The Jasmine Star Show.  

While that coaching session was perfect for me at the time, the real lesson has come since then, from watching Jasmine in her business differently, based on what she told me in this session.

She was a photographer, and then a social media coach, and now is a software as a service provider.  She regularly talks about stretching herself...being out of her league...not feeling like she knows what she's doing.  But I can tell you, her product is amazing and she is doing great things with the direction she is headed.

So what does that have to do with my coaching session on The Jasmine Star Show?

It has to do with the mindset shift I have made over the last 30 days.

You see, NeuroRedeem wasn't supposed to be an online course to help people with stress.  It's bigger than that.  It has the potential to change the world...and I know that's cliche, but I am not saying it lightly.

Offering NeuroRedeem as an online stress reduction course is the evolving and growing minimum viable product of a bigger idea to help people change their subconscious, automatic, unwanted behaviors...that will someday be integrated into e-learning programs, meditation programs, gaming, and more!  

We have a vision to help kids and adults with ADHD learn to focus.  We have a vision to help people with PTSD learn to tolerate intolerable situations.  We have a vision for kids to learn how to behave better in the classroom.  We have a vision for high achievers to reach for the highest levels of success without sacrificing their mental health.

You see, our vision is big...and although we are small, we are ready to expand our reach and make our true vision a reality.  

Thanks to that coach, and the example she is setting, and my personal growth since that session, I'm on a different track.  

I have an amazing program to help individuals build a resilience to stress so that they can tackle anything they want to, and I will get this program in the hands (ears) of the people that need it.  

And, I will use that program's success to make a bigger impact in the world, through integrations in gaming, meditation, virtual reality, e-learning and more.

We are ready to do big things, and stand out from the rest...will you join us?