Understanding Acid Reflux

acid reflux diet digest enhance Nov 13, 2018

One of the reasons people have gerd, acid reflux, and other types of indigestion is due to insufficient stomach acid.  When the digestive system does not have enough stomach acid, then food will not digest and move through the system properly.

We have all seen experiments where acid is poured on a mixture and the mixture begins to bubble. This is similar to what happens in the stomach during digestion. Acidic food is added to undigested food in the stomach and it begins to bubble up, causing symptoms like acid reflux and bloating or gas. When the stomach has the proper amount of acid, it digests food more rapidly, allows the sphincter in the lower stomach to open and keeps food moving onto the small intestine, prevent it from bubbling up and causing uncomfortable symptoms.

The medical world tends to recommend antacids for these types of conditions and by doing so continues to reduce the amount of acid in the stomach. This causes individuals to never digest their food completely and actually leads to a vicious cycle of this condition. In the long term it also leads to malnourishment since the body is not able to absorb the proper nutrients.

Instead of reducing the amount of acid in the stomach, we recommend a product like Digest Enhance to increase the hydrochloric acid and the enzymes needed to digest food properly. This will support the digestive system to allow the food to be completely digested, releasing the proper nutrients into the body and moving the waste through the system as it should. By digesting the food quicker and helping it to pass through the digestive system, Digest Enhance may reduce heartburn, gerd, and acid reflux.