Your Results Tell You Everything

coaching goals Jan 27, 2024

The final component of my Make It Happen methodology is Tremendous Results, but be forewarned, this does not always mean you will reach your goal, or even get the results you were hoping for.  What it does mean, is that you will ALWAYS get the results you need to determine your next step, and that my friend is tremendous.

Let me explain. 

When you make a plan, follow that plan with action, and even create the perfect habits, the most important thing you can get from that experiment is results.  Your results tell you everything you need to know.  

If you made progress toward your goal, but didn’t quite reach it, now you know you can dial up the effort with the same steps and your basically there.  If you didn’t even make noticeable progress, then you know you haven’t yet found the right combination of activities.  It’s time reassess and hypothesize about what you need to alter to get the results you wanted.

But, before we can even dig into these options we need to understand your results…which requires data.

This is why I make tracking my progress a huge part of my plan.  For health and weight loss goals, I take weekly pictures and/or measurements.  For habit goals, I create daily trackers of my habits and give myself a nice big check mark every day.  For business goals, I document my starting point and create Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that tell me whether or not I am on track.

At the end of the goal period, or weekly/monthly when they are longer term goals, I assess my progress with this data.  And those results tell me everything.  

I have to admit, historically I have been the type of person to get pretty frustrated if I haven’t met my goal.  And while I still get stuck in that logic for time to time, I also know that the results I have achieved will tell me what I need to know to meet my goal moving forward.  

This month is a perfect example, I’ve mentioned the changes I’ve made to my habits in the last 60 days to improve my health.  As you might expect, there is a weight loss component to that goal, but it has not been the primary focus.  This is very noticeable in the results I have achieved in the last 60 days.

I feel lighter, I think clearer, my clothes fit better, my skin looks healthier, and I have several health indicators that have improved.  All good results.  My new habits are working to achieve many of my goals.  These are tremendous results!

However, the weight loss was less than I had hoped.  There was weight loss, but not as much as I hoped.  This is a tremendous result!

Why?  Because I can use this information to know that I should keep doing my healthy habits and that I should do something else if I want to lose more weight.  Now, I can make a new hypothesis about how to lose more weight, and I can take that action, or create that habit, and see what new results I get.

See what I mean?  Any result is tremendous!!  

What steps are you taking this month, and what tremendous results are you getting?  If you don’t know, or don’t have a plan, no worries…I got you.

Join me Monday January 29th at 3pm MST for the next session of the Make It Happen series where we dive into Tremendous Results even further.  We will specifically discuss how to create systems to assess your results regularly to keep you on track.

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I’ll see you there!