Is it time to change your focus?

career change focus why Dec 02, 2020


I've been visiting with a lot of my friends lately, and we've been talking about the hamster wheel, or we sometimes call it Groundhog Day, like every day is a little more like it was before.

You're going through the same cycles, and going through the same patterns, every day.   You're just spinning on that hamster wheel, but you're not really getting anywhere. You don't really feel like there's anything to look forward on a day to day basis.

In those moments, I feel like what we need to do is think about whether we can shift our focus to something different.  To something that stops that hamster wheel from just spinning and spinning, and starts to get us to think differently and to move a little bit differently in the space that we're in.

There are three things that I want you to think about, if these thoughts are occurring to you.   It might be a good time to take a timeout, think about what your focus is, and what you could do to change that make your day more productive, to make your day more enjoyable, to feel like you're living closer to your purpose.

Three questions for you if this is you on a daily basis, and it might be time to change your focus.

The first question is, are you dreading things that used to bring you joy?  

Whether that's going to a kid's music concert, which you used to think was so cute and adorable, and now it's just something hectic on your schedule you just have to rush to get to.  Or if it's cooking, and you're used to really love to cook, and to make healthy meals for your family, and now it's just a chore.

That might be a reason that you should start thinking about changing your focus and how you look at those tasks, and seeing if you can add some joy back into those tasks.

The second question is, are youexhau sted, but feel like you haven't done anything?

You've been running all day, you've been working, you've been going and doing the've been making dinner even, doing all this stuff. At the end of the day, you're completely wiped out and you're completely exhausted. When you look back at it, you don't feel like you've done anything productive, you don't think you've done anything creative, or to move your goals forward.

If that's the case, it might be time to take a look at your focus and see why you're doing the things that you're doing.

The third question is, can you remember why?

If you're doing something every single day, and all of a sudden you stop and think, "why am I doing this?" If you can't remember what sparked you to take this job instead of the other job? What sparked you to have kids? What sparked you to get married, or to join a gym, or whatever the case is?  If you can't remember why those things were important to you at one time, it's time to  take a timeout, pause, and try to remember why.   Change your focus.

Like a binoculars,  tune it in a little bit more. If it's gotten a little fuzzier or changed over time. As you're looking ahead at your future, tune in your binoculars, make the picture a little bit more clear. Try to remember what's your focus? What's your purpose? Why are you doing the things you're doing?

That should help you stop dreading the things that used to bring you joy. It should help you stop feeling so exhausted and non-productive. It should help you remember why you're doing things and that why will fuel your passion.

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