Summer, Vitamin D, and Thyroid

dk fuel summer thyroid vitamin d Nov 26, 2018

Now that summer has officially faded out and winter is coming quickly, it's helpful to remember how helpful the summer and Vitamin D can help with your thyroid health.  We all know that in the summer Vitamin D levels are increased in the body due to exposure to sunlight but do you know how that Vitamin D from the sun helps your thyroid, and what happens when it's gone?  

This article from provides a good overview.  In short, Vitamin D helps your cells to function properly.  Specifically, it helps the thyroid to function properly within the cell.  In addition, Vitamin D helps the immune system to function properly.  When the Vitamin D levels are not sufficient, thyroid auto immune conditions are at a higher risk, condition's like Graves' Disease and Hashimoto's Disease.

While sunlight is the best source of Vitamin D, in the off season, supplementation like DK Fuel can provide additional Vitamin D support...something to consider if you already have a thyroid disorder, or have other risk factors.