The Value of Bilateral Stimulation

bilateral stimulation neuroredeem stress stress reduction program Mar 14, 2020

Bilateral stimulation is when both halves of the brain, the right and left hemisphere, are stimulated at the same time. By stimulating neurological material in this way, you are able to get the body to relax.  This is because you can actually get the brain to reach a threshold where it releases everything and relaxes.

Think of this like a game of tug of war between a child and a teacher.  For awhile, the child seems to have a chance of winning the game and is able to compete against the teacher.  However, if another teacher is added, the child may still have a chance, but is less likely to win.  If you continue to add teachers to the game, eventually the child will let go, knowing they can't win.

In this example, think of your self as the child and each of the teachers as a new stressors that is added to your life.  Most of us continue to stay in the game as stressors are added, trying to find ways to win.  Under normal circumstances, we won't let go until we break.  However, with Purawell programs, we use a safe environment to add a lot of stress to the brain activity at one time through bilateral stimulation.  

By doing this, the brain quickly gets overwhelmed and lets go sooner, allowing us to relax and begin to change behavioral patterns due to your more focused state.

The audio programs use bilateral stimulation in a couple of ways in order to position our brain in a state where we can learn new behavioral patterns.

First, the program utilizes unilateral sound by emitting in one headphone and then the other.

Second, the program uses cross tapping.  With cross tapping,  you tap your right hand on your left side, or left hand on right side, while hearing the unilateral audio commands, along with the tapping commands.

Third, there are some exercises you can do, in conjunction with the audio programs, to strengthen your bilateral activity within your brain.  A video demonstrating these exercises is included in this post.

This combination of techniques will allow you to continue to increase your focus and your relaxation, while bringing you the ability to change your behavioral patterns. 

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