Secondary Immunity

coronavirus covid-19 immunesystem immunity Dec 18, 2020

I just recently recovered from COVID-19, and am starting to get back my energy & feeling good.

I'm down here in the gym working out, and started thinking about the things that we're missing out on, for people that are post viral they need to recover and things they need to look for in the future.

I know that out there in the world they're talking about you may not have immunity, you may catch it again, and that type of thing, but really, if you understand immunology, you understand that there's a primary response and a secondary response.

The primary response happens when you first get the virus. Your immune system comes out, attacks it, kills it, and makes some short term antibodies, usually for 30 to 90 days. This is a primary immune response.

The immune response that you want, is the one that is a secondary response. It's the one that lasts you up to 10 years. This is what you get if you've had a secondary exposure, or if you've had a vaccine. A lot of times they'll give you one vaccine, followed by a second, because they're looking for that secondary immune response.

Individuals that actually have gotten COVID-19 and recovered from it, currently have a primary immune response. As time goes on and you get a second exposure, or third exposure, or fourth exposure, you should begin to get a secondary immune response. That's whenever you begin to have memory cells that will produce antibodies that last a lifetime, or at least 10 years. To get this, you must have subsequent exposures.

With the new mask mandates, and the way that we're handling this in the public eye, a lot of individuals that have had COVID-19 are not getting that secondary immune response.

Therefore, if you've had COVID-19, it might be in your best interest NOT to limit your exposures in the future, so that you can begin to get a stronger immune response. If you have recovered from COVID-19, you do have some kind of primary immune response, which means your body did fight it off. If you want to have a secondary immune response, you actually have to have a secondary exposure.

I'm not telling each individual to go out and do this, I'm saying it's something that you must think about. If you're a healthy individual, it might actually be to your benefit.

This is going to be very controversial, and for each individual it's very specific of whether or not a secondary immune response is to your benefit, or not. It's something to educate yourself on, and something to know. It may be the media hype, and everyone talking about not getting exposed again, or catching it a second time, may not be working in your best interest.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. I'll be happy to field those questions and answer them for you. In the meantime, have a great day and stay safe!