What is the NeuroRedeem Program?

manage stress reduce stress stress stress management what is neuroredeem? Oct 08, 2020

The patent pending NeuroRedeem educational program is based on years of experience from Dr. Thoma seeing patients in the hospital and clinic that have suffered due to a lack of ability to truly change their thought patterns.

This program helps demonstrate proper stimulus to change thought patterns and behaviors, it can even help the prognosis of other therapies. This educational process is based on the principles of functional neurology, tapping, and fractionation, to help educate individuals how to properly create positive behavioral patterns.

The process can be used to teach any individual that can hear in both ears, has feeling in both arms and both legs, has the cognitive ability to follow simple instructions, and does not have epilepsy, other mental psychosis, or medical conditions that prevent simple hand movements.  

It can be extremely effective for Stress Reduction, PTSD, ADD, ADHD, and High Functioning Autism.  It also has clinical application in lifestyle changes for addictions, diet and exercise modification, athletic performance, phobias, and grief. These audio sessions are not intended to diagnose or cure any aliments or diseases but rather teach positive cognitive patterns.

The NeuroRedeem program participants will need to listen to the sessions with headphones placed on the correct ears.  In each NeuroRedeem session, there is audible direction to help individuals make sure that the headphones are properly placed.

The NeuroRedeem program consist of five audio sessions, the first is an introduction to explain how to use the program and gives the participant an example of how the session will be.  

The second session helps teach the individual how to reach the focused state of consciousness and begins teaching the proper behavioral program.  

The third session begins to teach the individual how to recreate the proper behavior without reaching the full state of focus.

In the fourth session, the individual is taught how to create their own mental environment to perpetuate the proper behavioral patterns.

By the final session, the individual is encouraged to use their new found skills in everyday activities. 
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