4 Reasons You Might Be Struggling to Lose Weight

calories diet food sensitivities inflammation sleep stress Dec 29, 2020

I want to talk to you about reasons why you may be struggling to lose weight.

There are four big reasons why individuals struggle lose weight.

The first one is, they're eating too many hidden calories and are getting too many calories in their diet.  

They may know that they are supposed to have 2000 calories in a day, and they look at their meals to determine that's exactly what they're getting. But, they don't realize that they're having that coffee with the extra cream, or having six pieces of candy sitting on the desk.  They're eating those little bitty things all through the day, or having chocolate milk instead of regular milk, or that kind of thing. Those extras will add up to multiple different calories in their day.

I was going over a meal plan the other day, and I saw the individual was getting 24 ounces of chocolate milk in their day. That's 600 calories.  That was one third of the calories that was needed for the entire day. When we take out those 600 calories, they should begin to lose weight extremely fast and feel good.

Knowing that you're getting those hidden calories, and removing them out of your diet, will help you lose weight.

Number two, is that you may not actually be having enough calories.  I've had situations in the past, where I had individuals that came to me and saying, "I've done everything I can, there's no way that I can lose weight.  Something is the matter."

I'll start with asking, what are you eating? Their answer is, "Well, I'm having a Diet Coke, an apple, and six crackers a day."  In that they are not getting enough calories and we need to bump up their calories.

When you don't get enough calories, your body thinks it's starving, and therefore it needs to hold on to every ounce...whether it be water, whether it be calories.  It's going to hold on to every ounce and store the fat and the water.

When we bumped up the calories that individual was getting, they began to rapidly lose weight and feel good. Number two, make sure that you're getting enough calories to keep your body's basal metabolic rate up in a calorie burning zone.

Number three is you may be eating something that is inflaming you. I often talk about the big six and elimination diets. I talk about eliminating wheat, corn, soy, dairy, sugar, and peanuts. You do that to see what may be inflaming you. We put them back in slowly so we find out those triggers.  

I happen to gain a lot of weight when I have corn. If I eat corn, or soy, I can go look at the scale next morning and gain up to six pounds, in a matter of 8-10 hours, from eating those things that I am sensitive to.  When I take those out of my diet, I'm much thinner, feel much better, and don't gain the weight.

You're most likely eating something that inflames you. If you're gaining weight, and you're within your calorie range, look at what things are going in your diet. If there are things that you're craving, you might pull them out.  A lot of times we crave what we're sensitive to.

Number four is stress and sleep. If you are not getting enough sleep, and you're stressed out, your cortisol levels get off balance and you tend to eat more. You tend to store every ounce of fluid and fat that you can.

This is particularly evident in women, they save every ounce of water and fat, when they're under stress and not sleeping well. Make sure that your sleep hygiene is what it should be, turn off the lights when you go to bed, make the right environment, make sure that you're doing the things to get a good night's sleep.

If you're not dealing with your stress properly, this is going to be an issue. Check out our www.purawell.com., we have some stress reduction programs in there that'll help you out.

That is the four reasons you might be struggling to lose weight.

1. You may be getting too many calories.

2. You may be getting too few calories.

3. You're eating something that you're sensitive to.

4. The stress and lack of sleep have caught up to you.

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